“Attending Lisa’s book groups give me a deeper understanding and appreciation for a book I may otherwise not have liked previously. It changes your perspective about things. It’s fun meeting new people too.” – Bobbi O.

“Being someone who likes to read, but struggles to pick good books, I love getting book suggestions from people who know good writing.” – Mandy M.

“There have been several books over the years that I would finish and wish I had someone to discuss it with. Joining a book club introduces me to subjects that I would never choose on my own. Lisa’s questions help me see things in the books I wouldn’t normally think of – plus I love the drinks and snacks.” – Dawn E.

“I love attending book clubs to read genres I would not typically choose. The thought provoking questions that are asked often enlighten me on views and details I didn’t see.” – Jean M.

“It’s a good excuse to go out and have a few cocktails.” – Joanne O.