Book Clubs-Why

Why book clubs?

Book clubs are meaningful in so many ways. They are a wonderful way to make new friends and reconnect with old ones. They provide friendly forums for thoughtful discussion and gaining new perspectives. Book groups increase literary skills and develop creativity. They enrich your mind with new insights and foster a pathway to reflect on society today. Research shows they also decrease stress, improve communication skills, overcome shyness, boost teamwork skills, and actually make you live longer!

If you are already a reader, book clubs are a great way to get your out of your comfort zone and do some genre hopping. You may read books you wouldn’t normally read. They are a great way to give recommendations and also find your own next great read. Most importantly, book clubs are lots of fun. Yummy food and interesting cocktails make them even better.

“Book clubs get us out of our bubbles and get us talking again, making human connections. Book groups increase human empathy” – Matthew M., Reference Librarian