Such a Fun Age

Such a Fun AgeSuch a Fun Age by Kiley Reid
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Emira had met several “Mrs. Chamberlains” before. They were all rich and overly nice and particularly lovely to the people that served them. Emira knew that Mrs. Chamberlain wanted a friendship, but she also knew that Mrs. Chamberlain would never display the same efforts of kindness with her friends as she did with Emira.”

Overrated and mediocre. Sorry folks, I just couldn’t get into loving this one. The interesting perspective on white savior syndrome would normally give a reader something to think about or discuss, but the writing and characters just fell flat. Alix, the privileged white rich bitch was annoying and one-dimensional. Emira was too wayward and listless for me to have any type of feeling for. Regardless, this one might be a good choice for a book discussion as it does cover curious themes on race, privilege, and the true motives people have for helping one another. Three stars.

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