The Secret Wife

The Secret WifeThe Secret Wife by Gill Paul
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“To feel that another human being truly understood the core of you and loved what they saw, while you felt the same about them – that was the best feeling of all.

What if Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia, daughter of the fallen Tsar Nicholas II had escaped execution and lived? What would her life have been like? Would she ever have revealed her identity or let her secret die with her?

After reading The Lost Daughter, Gill Paul’s latest novel about another Romanov daughter, Maria, I absolutely had to read this. I found the premise intriguing, and I love fictionalized history that is based on true events. The book has an interesting and creative vibe that makes one think about the true nature of love, lost love, the sanctity of marriage, and the value of family.

Told in parallel stories both past and present, you will keep the pages turning because you want to know how the stories are linked. The reason this book is captivating is because it evokes all types of emotions with its characters; anger, sadness, pity, anticipation, disgust, surprise, fear, and joy, nothing is off-limits. Because I found the protagonist Dmitri weak and underwhelming, I took .5 of a star off. 4.5!

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