Big Lies in a Small Town

Big Lies in a Small TownBig Lies in a Small Town by Diane Chamberlain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was excited to receive this ARC in a Goodreads giveaway. Thank you to Goodreads and St. Martin’s press!

I have read several of Diane Chamberlain’s books through the years and was thrilled to receive this book in a giveaway. The story goes back and forth in time from 1940 to 2018 and follows the lives of two women, Anna Dale and Morgan Christopher, decades apart. The plot centers around a painting that must be restored for a gallery opening and the hidden symbols painted within it. As the novel moves along, the women’s lives become mysteriously interwoven with Morgan feeling a strong connection to the enigmatic artist.

I was drawn to this story because I knew nothing about art restoration and I found the subject extremely interesting. I loved the descriptions of Morgan restoring the painting and finding the secrets that it hid beneath the layers of dirt. The heartwarming friendship between Anna and Jesse was a sweet touch at a time of racial turbulence. A little lackluster was the development of Lisa, a central character who I wanted to know more about. I also found the writing a bit mundane. Regardless, a solid story that will keep you reading until the very end. 3.5 stars

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